Preventive Maintenance

Service Plans

KAI offers a wide variety of flexible, economical service package options for its clients. A
free initial on-site inspection and consultation results in a plan that is carefully designed to fit
each customers specific HVAC system and financial constraints. Ultimately, the customer
chooses what level and how often they desire service.

Why Go With An Annual Service Plan?

Prevents Problems Before They Happen. Owning an HVAC is like owning a car. They both
rely on mechanical moving parts, we expect them to work every time we turn them on, and
when they break down we are either left stranded on the side of the road or unable to operate on
a Friday night or weekend. By regularly inspecting your equipment at least twice a year, you
greatly reduce your chances of having a "Breakdown", saving both your reputation and money
during down-time when you could be operating your business.

You Become A Preferred Customer. Immediately after accepting any service contract
agreement, all of the equipment/specifications of your system is documented and your
establishment is officially placed in our System Of Preferred Customers. This means we have
a record of all of the parts needed to fix any part of your system which saves you money in the
long run. In addition, by automatically becoming a Preferred Customer, you will receive the
following exclusive benefits:

  • 10% Reduction of Standard Hourly Service Charges.
  • Complete Documentation of your system and regular service visits.
  • Free initial onsite evaluation of your system.

No Binding Long-term Contract. The only length of contract that we offer is 1 year. If for
some reason KAI Mechanical Services is unable to perform the services during the course of the
contract you will receive a full refund.

It Simply Makes Sense. Belt and Filter Change-outs as a minimum have to happen regardless
if you choose to perform preventative maintenance or not. Why not choose to inspect the system
while this is being done by a professional in order to prevent major breakdowns that ultimately
cost more money.

Contact Us Today for more information regarding Preventative Maintenance: 1-800-KAI-7352.


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