Kitchen Ventilation


Kitchen VentilationKitchen Ventilation is in our roots and we know that your kitchen ventilation system is the heart of your restaurant. KAI Mechanical Services is the area’s Factory Certified service rep for Captive-Aire Systems, the nation’s largest provider of commercial kitchen ventilation equipment. We have the right equipment, experience, and emergency replacement parts to ensure your hood exhaust system functions as designed 100% of the time.

In the event that your exhaust fan needs to be replaced; Instead of waiting 3-5 days from the
manufacturer for a replacement or purchasing a fan from a supply house that requires assembly and
is not sized correctly, KAI can provide you with a brand new fan the same day, custom built to your
systems requirements. KAI also offers delivery and/or installation if desired.


5 Questions to Ask Yourself:

1) Is Your Kitchen Ventilation System Balanced?
HVAC Systems account for 28% of the total energy usage of the average commercial kitchen. More often than not, the way your kitchen ventilation system was designed and how it was actually installed vary tremendously. Differences in static pressure and system effect can result in actual exhaust and supply airflow rates that exceed or drastically fall short of what they were initially designed. This can lead to a very uncomfortable kitchen/dining area, a smokey kitchen, and most definitely, unseen energy losses from an added strain placed on your regular building HVAC System. A simple visit by a KAI certified technician can determine whether or not your system is within 10% of design.

2) Is each of your cooking appliances pushed back as far as possible to the wall?
This is the simplest yet most overseen item that can drastically improve the capture and containment performance of your exhaust hood. Increased Overhang = Increased Capture.

3) Are you currently using full or partial end-panels on your hood?
Adding Full or Quarter end-panels to either side of your hood can decrease your exhaust airflow rates subsequently saving you money in utility costs. This is a very inexpensive way to cut costs.

4) Is your system running at maximum efficiency? Are there any leaks or uninsulated portions of your supply air duct work?
If you are paying money to heat or cool Make-Up-Air, you want to make sure that that this air is not being subject to thermal losses or gains between when it is heated/cooled and when it is distributed to the kitchen.

5) Have you considered installing a demand-based exhaust control?
Advances to Energy Management Systems that operate automatically off of cooking exhaust temperatures have increased dramatically over the past few years. Initial investment costs of these energy saving systems have dropped substantially and government incentive tax rebates have decreased the pay-back periods as low as 1 to 2 years. In addition, Energy Management Systems are able to be installed to existing systems in addition to new construction projects making them available to all users. This is the best time to call and inquire about a system that will save you money today. For more information pertaining to the operation and a free quotation of these systems, contact us today. 1.800.524.7352


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