KAI Mechanical Services serves the entire HVAC market as both a service company and a supplier of equipment and parts. We focus on providing the industry with unsurpassed service and product offerings in order to sustain maximum performance of HVAC systems 100% of the time.

KAI Mechanical Services was originally formed in January of 2010 after a distinct need was identified for a new kind of Service Company in the niche industry of commercial kitchen ventilation. For far too long this sector of the HVAC market had been and continues to be either completely ignored or serviced by companies who are unfamiliar with the technologies. KAI possesses the proper knowledge and equipment to correctly troubleshoot/maintain Kitchen Ventilation Systems. In addition, KAI Mechanical Services is a factory certified service representative for Captive-Aire Systems, North America's largest provider of commercial kitchen ventilation equipment.

Core Values:

Reliability - Solve problems before they become emergencies. Be there for the client and provide solutions in every situation, at all times.

Integrity - Possess and adhere to a high level of moral principles and professional standards.

Knowledge - It all starts with knowing what you are doing.


5 Founding Principles:

Constant Improvement. Focus on increasing product knowledge, expanding skill sets and industry trends to provide maximum value to the customer.

Focus on the Customers Needs. Put yourself in the clients shoes. Realize that this is one of the most competitive industries out there. Keep service costs down as much as possible. Get in and get out. Do as much as possible to not interfere with the everyday operation of the clients establishment. Focus on solving the problem.

Communication. Maintain an open line of communication with the system user, coworkers and any other third parties involved on a job. Report any safety concerns at all times.

Keep it Simple. HVAC is not rocket science. It is moving air through duct work. Sometimes the air is heated and sometimes it is cooled. Listen to the customer and find out what they truly want in their system.

Have Passion for what you do. If you enjoy what you do, you will be good at it. Take pride in the quality of your work. Maintain an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle in the workplace and at home.


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